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How to create the perfect wedding invitations

12 October 2017

Start by deciding what you need

Deciding on the invitations you very often choose matching table cards, menus, RSVP cards, wedding schedules for the tables and thank you cards. You don't have to decide on all the options, but you should know what is the most important for you concerning them. If you want to get as many guests as possible at the wedding, you have to invite them a lot earlier. Many weddings take place during the holiday season, and guests must have time to possibly reorganize their schedule and appear at your party.

Collect information

The faster you send / distribute invitations, the sooner you will receive a confirmation of arrival, whether via RSVP, SMS, phone or an e-mail. Then you will be able to continue planning catering, gifts, etc. Remember that your guests is not just your family and friends, but also their partners and children.

Match the design to the theme

If your wedding has a theme or a guiding color, you must match your invitations to them! This already significantly reduces the choice. You are then looking for only the invitations that have a green color, or are decorated with Swarovski crystals. Invitations can have a rustic, classic, Parisian, 20's, country, beach, spring or different style. When you have matching invitations, menus, table cards and a few other accents, your ceremony will be consistent and beautiful!


Personalize your invitations to the maximum. Add your photos or a quote that is important to you. Most guests preserve invitations as a souvenir – make it a truly unique souvenir. Font selection is also a big problem, but here too, each style has a different form of writing. Get advice on this matter from wedding invitation experts :)

Invitations decoration

The most important thing is that the whole thing should be consistent. If you chose the rustic style, do not decorate the invitation with a ribbon, but use a simple string :) The choice is very large – from diamonds, through the already mentioned bows, to sealing wax, stamps or three-dimensional decorations. Remember not to overdo the adornment of invitations and keep it consistent.