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First dance

1 June 2014

The first dance at a wedding is a beautiful tradition. After the first meal, your guests gather on the dance floor, and you, with the sounds of your favorite melody, dance your first dance as husband and wife 🙂

Imagine this scene... DJ plays your song, you enter the dance floor, everyone's eyes are on you, you hold your breath, smile at each other and take your first steps together on the dance floor. Are you sure it should be an ordinary "slow dance"? The song probably has about 3 minutes, how much can you spin around? ;) Make this moment even more special :)

Will you sway to the music for 60 seconds inviting your guests to the dance floor, or will you present choreography straight from Dirty Dancing? If you dream more of the second option, we recommend taking lessons at the dance academy under the supervision of an experienced instructor. They know that the first dance can be particularly stressful for you, but at the same time it has to be special. Together, you will certainly be able to come up with a choreography that will knock your guests to their knees :) Remember that if you're a crazy pop era girl, you don't have to waltz. There are many more lively and at the same time spectacular styles. We are convinced that you will find something for yourself.

Dance lessons will not only allow you to learn steps, but also to overcome stress before the first dance. After a few lessons you will feel more confident and comfortable than if you "went with the flow". Well, unless you are both masters of ballroom dancing;) Remember that such lessons are above all great fun. In addition, learning to dance together can be very romantic. It will bring a breath of freshness to your relationship, and the skills you will acquire during the lesson will stay with you for a lifetime!

Additional advantages will be beautiful photos and a movie from your first dance, thanks to them you will be able to remember the emotions you had in this moment. Well, and words of praise from family and friends! But the truth is that you do it primarily for yourself! :)

Your dance may have the "wow!" factor – a pirouette, a lift – whatever you want, of course if you're ready for such attractions :) But it can also be a quiet and romantic English waltz, sensual tango or sexy salsa. Ask the instructor what "icing on the cake" he would propose to your choreography. Even if you are complete amateurs in terms of dance, the instructor can help you achieve perfection.

Remember, even if you mistake steps during your first dance, we are convinced that no one but you will notice! So, put smile on face and break a leg 🙂 🙂 🙂