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Emila & Konrad | Summer of Love!

12 April 2018

Does summer love have to end as quickly as summer itself? Of course not! The best example is the couple we’d like to introduce to you today. Emilia and Konrad, who met on vacation, have been together for more than 4 years – and there’s certainly many more to come.

Despite the distance and a long separation, the couple finally tied the knot at the Parish of the Holy Trinity in Belsk Duży.

The day was exceptionally sunny, making the interior of the church look even brighter than usual with the sun shining in through the windows.
Even more impressive, though, were the bride and groom themselves.
Emilia chose a beautiful, classic white dress with subtle accessories – you could tell she felt simply amazing in her outfit. Konrad also decided to go with the classic, which – as everyone knows – never fails to impress.

The reception was held at the Venecia Palace Hotel in Michałowice near Warsaw, which we’ve visited many times before. And the party itself? Needless to say, it was a huge success – how could it be any different on Emilia and Konrad’s big day?

We always do our best to capture your happiness in our photos.

Emilia & Konrad


froum our couple


Excellent, very professional! We are delighted;) People with a vision, very discreet at the wedding. What can I say, perfect in every way, just superlatives, if I had to choose one more time I would make the same choice!

- Emilia & Konrad