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Ania & Janek | Once upon a time…

21 December 2017

In today’s story, we’re taking you on a wonderful journey to the region of Lesser Poland, brought to you by Ania, Janek and their magical wedding in Zakopane.

The couple’s story began in college, where – as they reminisce – they supported each other a lot from the start and their relationship began to spread into other areas of their lives. Although their college years came to an end, their feelings remained as they were, and thus they made the decision to unite in the sacrament of marriage and spend the rest of their lives together. Ania comes from Kraków and Janek is from Zakopane, which meant a difficult choice of location for the photoshoot. Unable to make a choice between the two charming cities, we ended up shooting in both locations, producing this magical photo set.
The wedding itself took place in Zakopane, in Saint Anthony’s Parish – a location just as beautiful as its surrounding area. The church is surrounded by forests, with the Tatra mountains towering above. All of this created an incredible atmosphere, which complemented the bride and groom’s classic, elegant, yet not excessively lavish outfits accompanied by subtle accessories.

The “Kraina Smaku” restaurant in Zakopane was an obvious choice of a reception venue, considering Ania and Janek are friends with Grzegorz, the owner. Long before the wedding day, the couple vouched for the excellent cuisine served by the restaurateur – we can honestly say we were not disappointed. Both the food and the party as a whole were top-notch.

We sincerely hope this story allows you to experience at least a little bit of the atmosphere that surrounded us throughout the few days we spent together. We always put a little piece of ourselves in our work and it makes us extremely happy that couples such as Ania and Janek appreciate it.



from our couples:


The first time we saw your productions – we knew that it had to be you or none for us. In fact, we cam now admit that we made the decision on the date of the wedding bearing in mind, among other factors, your availability. We agreed that if you can't make our chosen date... we will postpone our wedding to a later date... or earlier... just to have you with us on this important day. We are delighted with the adventure we took with you. You show greatest quality and a very individual approach to the customer. A virtuoso commitment. With this cooperation we also received the opportunity to meet great people. It was great to work with you and we felt great and comfortable. And how you preserved our emotions and memories – this just blew our minds.

- Ania & Janek