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7 ideas for a wonderful (but inexpensive) honeymoon!

10 April 2018

Between all the expenses that await Just Married couple, it is often difficult to find money for your honeymoon, and it is known to be one of the most pleasant stages in planning a wedding 🙂 
But who said that you have to spend a fortune? 
We will give you some ideas on how to go on a wonderful journey for affordable price!

Win your trip

Just don't say you've never won anything! There always has to be that first time :)
On the Internet you can find a lot of competitions in which you can win a wonderful journey. Sometimes just with a few likes on FB and sometimes you need to show a little more creativity, but definitely it's worth it! :)

Off-season travel

This may be obvious to experienced tourists, but those with less experience may not be aware of how much you can save by making a trip out of season. The prices of accommodation and flights to certain destinations may be reduced by even up to 60% or more out of season, compared to the time when they are the highest. You can buy the cheapest airline tickets for flights between September and November, and January to the end of May. Traveling out of season does not necessarily mean a permanent winter weather. In autumn and spring, most countries have even nicer weather than in the summer :)


Since the trend of group shopping has come to us a few years ago, you can save money not only on food, cosmetics and entertainment, but also on travel. Such websites offer us sea and mountains, round trips, domestic and foreign excursions. It's really worth following such actions on a regular basis and catching the best deals! :)

Home exchange

The so called couchsurfing. If you would like to feel the real atmosphere of the place you are traveling to, home exchange is the perfect option for you! In a word, just like in the movie "Holiday" with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, someone lives in your home for a while, and you in theirs. Look, maybe there is a couple from Rome that wants to visit Poland? :) Home exchange can reduce travel costs even by half. You can look for such people on your own or use designated websites.

Plan your holiday yourself. From A to Z

At first glance this may seem difficult, but with the help of the Internet, you can do everything by yourself :) On the flights metasearch engines you can choose the cheapest option. Sometimes that will mean you have to spend 5 hours at the airport waiting for the next flight, but you can often save up to 1,000 złoty this way. You can also find accommodation online, or already on the spot – in most countries, the community is really helpful :) Eating in local pubs, bazaars and drinking drinks in local bars has a lot more charm and true taste than all inclusive! Believe us – that's verified info :)

Get bargains on the spot

Before leaving, read as much as possible about the place you fly to, look among your friends, maybe someone close to you was already there and may be willing to share their knowledge with you?
You don't have to spend $10 to enter the museum, $15 for a daily ticket, and $12 for dinner. Often you can buy a special tourist card, thanks to which you have discounts on all attractions, as well as restaurants and public transportation.

Re-purchasing holiday packages

Sometimes someone buys a trip, but can't go on it. Not only will they want to sell it at a lower price than the market price, you can bargain for an even better price. People prefer to get at least half the money back rather than lose everything. There are plenty of such offers, you just need to do some searching :)

The world belongs to the brave, so pack up and embark on a journey of your life, on your unforgettable honeymoon! 

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