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About our company

We make films and take photos for both private individuals and companies. Every member of our team has professional education and experience in commercial projects.

We suit our offer with quality warranty and a reasonable price to every requirement. We guarantee the completion time from the moment of concluding the agreement. In the video we will show the Bride’s extraordinary beauty and joy, the Groom’s seriousness and responsibility, the family’s emotions and care, warmth and sense of honour expressed by the guests.

We are ready for your requirements, questions, original ideas, we are prepared to create a beautiful image which in the future will give you many happy returns to This Day. We can dramatize (as requested) the project by adding historical materials delivered to us (photographs, films) referring to the Bride and Groom and the families.

 Our goal is the highest quality of the services we provide. The way to accomplish that:

    • Our operators, editors and sound technicians are ambitious professionals
    • We find and capture the uniqueness and individuality of the Bride and the Groom as well as their wedding and reception
    • Led by the special character of the occasion, we always try new paths. We do not act schematically and routinely
    • the best equipment – we have it and continue to update it.

 The source of positive energy for us is to be helpful for the people who love each other and who are happy, surrounded by family and the circle of friends, as well as to be present in the world of wedding preparations, ceremony and the reception. Your approval is what gives the meaning to our work – that is why we consider it a priority.

Please trust us. We are at your disposal! Yours respectfully and sincerely dedicated,
WeddingStudios Team