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Wedding emergency basket

12 January 2015

It is difficult to predict all crises that can happen during a wedding party. One of the participants may get a sudden headache, someone else will get a hole in the pantyhose or will get a blister. A wedding emergency basket comes to help! 
Simply put, it is a basket or a box with trinkets and medicines that will help the guests deal with sudden situations and come back to the party. It’s best to put it in the toilet next to the washbasins. 
What should be in it? 

Medications – pills for headache, throat ache, diarrhea and heartburn
Needle, thread, buttons, a safety pin – they will effectively save a torn skirt or trousers that lost a button.
Dressings – band-aids, bandages, gause and hydrogen peroxide – they will help with the worn or blistered feet.
Body mist and deodorant – thanks to them, wedding guests will be able to refresh at any time.
Chewing gums and a mouth deodorant – they will be useful after meals and in late party hours

In addition, the women's version of the basket should include:

Pantyhose and stockings
A nail file that will save a damaged manicure
Matting tissues – they will fix all kinds of makeup imperfections
Hairspray – to tame the unruly hairstyle
Comb, elastic bands and hairpins – they will help the guests who need to improve their hairstyles
Colorless nail polish – a reliable way for an unexpected small holes in pantyhose
Sanitary pads, tampons and cosmetic pads