Veil, flowers or tiara?

13 November 2016

It’s almost impossible to choose the right wedding hair accessories when you’re wearing jeans, and a ponytail made in the rush 😉 We suggest making an appointment for a trial hairstyle and only then looking for the perfect headwear for your wedding. If the salon in which you bought the dress also offers such accessories, you can be sure that you will choose a veil or a tiara that will harmonize with the whole look. 
But the question remains: which style to choose?


The most traditional wedding headdress. In the veil you will feel like a "real" Bride. This accessory fits every dress model and every hairstyle! The veil must be tried with the dress to appropriately measure the length and decorations. Not every dress looks well with a 2-meter-long veil decorated with a thick lace. And sometimes it is quite the opposite and the dress "begs" for a rich veil. Check it yourself! The assistants in the salon will gladly and professionally advise you.


A royal choice;) You can choose a delicate tiara if your dress is fancy, or a larger and more shiny to add elegance to a modest dress. Tiaras look best with elegant updos – they match the elevation of the tiara and beautifully frame the hairstyle. You can also add a veil to the tiara. 2 in 1 ;)


The comb may or may not be one ornament of your wedding hairstyle. You can easily put on a veil with it – believe us, this duo fits perfectly :) Combs have many sizes and styles, you just need to choose the one that suits your dress and character. And the most important thing – combs love updos! However, if you choose a delicate decoration, it will look beautiful with hair let loose. You just have to remember that in contrast to the tiara or a headband, the comb may be invisible on some photos, so remember to pose with the right profile ;)


If you are getting married in spring or summer, the flowers in your hair will add charm and girlishness to the whole look. Fresh flowers blend in perfectly with light, airy dresses. If you're planning an outdoor wedding, you can be sure that flowers will be the perfect choice for you! You can add a few luminous elements to this decoration to enchant not only your future husband, but also all wedding guests!


The most subtle ornament that looks wonderfully on loose but gently tangled hair and on updos. You can "scatter" them all over your hairstyle, or put them in one place. They will shimmer beautifully in the light. You can also accessorize the pins with a veil.