Neckties for the groom

12 April 2016

The choice of a wedding attire for the groom is usually limited to choosing the perfect cut of a suit, a shirt and matching shoes. However, this is not all – one should also remember about the right neck accessories.


It is the most timeless and the safest solution. When it comes to the material from which it should be made, silk will work best. As for the color, it can harmonize with either the bouquet of the bride, the wedding decorations or shoes of the groom. Gentlemen who like bold stylizations can choose patterned ties with flowers, dots or checks.


It is as elegant as a tie, and at the same time allows you to express your personality and stand out from the crowd. For wedding stylization, the best fit will be a bow tie made of silk, in a delicate, fair color. Instead of the model on an elastic band, the groom should put on the tied version. When deciding on a bow tie, one should remember about choosing the right shirt – it is best to use one with covered buttons.


If the groom doesn't feel well in elegant stylizations, he can give up any extras at the neck. All you need to do is choose the right shirt and suit, and the stylization can be complemented by suspenders, a flower in the buttonhole or a sheath.