Invaluable Wedding Witness – 9 commandments

13 April 2016

Planning a wedding is very time-consuming, so are you wondering who to ask for help in the organization, so that everything on this day is perfect? You can ask your Witness for help 🙂 Here is a list of 9 things that you can ask her to help you organize:

1. A list of wedding salons and more...
Ask your Witnesses to come up with the list of wedding dress, jewelry, accessories and invitations stores. Then you can visit them together when it's time to buy the dress and accessories. This way, you already have a starting point :)

2. Wedding decorations
You will need a lot of help particularly with decorating the room. Choose, for example, the main color and tell her what you want. Together, you can make your dreams come true. The help of your Witness will be invaluable :)

3. Help with organizing details
You can ask the Witnesses for help in arranging a list of songs for the DJ or the band, perhaps she will advise you on how to seat the guests, or maybe she knows and can recommend a band or a photographer? When planning a wedding there are many aspects that you can forget in the initial stage, and then you have too many things on your mind. Then the Witness comes to action :)

4. Gifts for parents
This tradition has been permanently inscribed in Polish weddings, the problem arises when one has to come up with a present for parents and future in-laws. Ask the Witness for help in this matter.

5. Organization on the wedding day
On the wedding day there are so many things to do that it will certainly be very hard for you to have it under control. "Where are my earrings? Has anyone got a wedding ring?" ;) Yes, your reliable Witness can handle all of this as well.

6. Nerves under control
There is no way you will not experience stress and strong emotions on this day. The person who will calm you down is the Witness. She will prepare a glass of champagne for relaxation, play the music from your Hen's ;) and support you with the right words. On the day of the wedding, like during planning, the Witness will keep you calm, happy and in a good mood :)

7. Welcoming the photographer / operators
When the photographer and the operators enter your house during the preparations, they want to catch special moments, and it can be difficult when they keep asking for various details. Ask the Witness to introduce them to your family, show them around the place pointing where the dress, wedding rings and flowers are, so that they can preserve everything. Thanks to this, the atmosphere will be less formal, and you will have time to relax and look beautiful in the pictures and in the film :)

8. Contact with service providers
At the wedding you have only one task – have fun! :) But who will tell the DJ, when is the time for the first dance, who will ask the photographer for a souvenir photo with the parents, watch the time of the pyrotechnic show and check if the cake is in one piece? We are sure that you already know the answer to this question;)

9. Give thanks
After the event you will certainly appreciate the help and reliability of your Witness, remember to thank her for the effort put into preparing your big day.
Maybe a weekend at SPA? :)