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How to welcome a young couple leaving the church?

12 April 2015

According to an old custom, a couple leaving the church should have guests throw rice at them, which is to provide them with happiness, or pennies, which is to guarantee well-being. However, there are several other ways to welcome the Bride and the Groom 🙂 

1. Flower petals
You can use for this purpose the petals of fresh or dried flowers, which can be distributed to the guests in baskets or special cones. A popular alternative is shooting tubes from which artificial petals fall out.

2. Soap bubbles
Another, equally spectacular, way is soap bubbles. There are two options to choose from – loaning a special generator that will let them out, or giving small bottles for dropping bubbles to the guests.

3. Pinwheels
Wedding guests can also be welcomed with paper windmills, which are a charming memory trip to childhood. Smiles on the faces of both younger and older guests – guaranteed :)

4. Balloons
Another of the interesting ways to welcome a young couple are balloons. We can choose either one-color ones, for example white or pink, or multi-colored ones. You can also form their shape into a phrase.

5. Bird seeds
On the other hand, eco-enthusiasts can decide on using bird seeds, which, unlike rice, don't leave so many traces behind – they can become food for winged little ones :)