Ewa & Michał

30 November 2016

Another couple in our wedding calendar is Ewa and Michał. Enjoy their wedding photo-reportage:

About Bride & Groom: Ewa and Michał are quite crazy people. They brought a lot of freshness to our work. They’ve met via on-line dating service thus they’re a great example that although the 21st century is all about technology there’s also some space for the real love 🙂

Wedding ceremony: took place in the church under the invocation of St. Maximilian Kolbe in Płońsk. The building itself is very attractive and draws attention and what is more it is spacious and functional. The ceremony was very touching and emotional. 

Attires: Ewa decided on combination of an astonishing wedding dress (by Victoria Jane) with a long white veil and delicate crystal jewelry. Michał wore a tailor made suit, black bow tie and a white flower in the buttonhole. Their classical approach effected in splendid appearance 🙂

The Reception: Took place in “Dworek Marzenie” in Starachów. The capacity of this ballroom is outstanding: lots of tables full of delicious food and a huge dance floor fitted in without any problem. Guests were constantly entertained by Make Me Feel band. Our photo report of this event is the best proof for the splendid atmosphere of that evening.

from our couples:


Wonderful day stuck by you forever! Heartily recommend to all! Thank you for the perfect cooperation, the effects of which we can already enjoy forever.

- Ewa & Michał

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