Dominika & Darek – Green by the Bay!

30 November 2016

Last weekend we had the opportunity to participate in the wedding of Dominika and Darek, it was a beautiful ceremony with everything right to the tee. The young couple lives and works in Warsaw and they chose the nearby Serock to be the place of their wedding. Serock, this town is a great retreat from the noise of a big city and also doesn’t cause any problems with getting there for all the invited guests.


About the Bride & Groom: Dominika is a designer which is why, even though a professional wedding planer was hired, she had the final say when planning the ceremony. For example, it was her idea to use mint colour as the main theme of the whole wedding, but more about that later. Darek is a reputable businessman and a very nice man with a humanistic approach. Working with this couple was a great pleasure for wedding studios.

The wedding ceremony: The wedding ceremony took place in a beautifully decorated late-Gothic St. Anne church in Serock. The white carpet on which she set her last steps before saying her marriage vows was covered with petals of flowers of the same colour which perfectly fit the aforementioned shade of mint which was cleverly included in the outfits of the young couple.

The Bride’s and Groom’s outfits: Dominika wore a snow white dress with delicate frills girdled with a mint belt, perfectly balancing between excessive minimalism and unnecessary sumptuousness. Darek chose classical elegance, an inky, well-tailored suit, a white shirt and a navy bowtie. Their good taste was evident, the couple looked gorgeous!

The reception: The Narvil hotel in Serock
The futuristic building of the hotel is fully-glazed, embellished with white, it is truly impressive. A great place for a large scale wedding party, which is what the couple had in store for their guests.

You could see elements in the mint colour, which was the main theme of the wedding, from the moment you stepped in. Everything was perfectly refined, probably thanks to Dominika as she is a designer which confirms her excellent sense of style. 🙂 The girls from Wedding Atelier, who are very well-organized, were responsible for organizing the whole party 🙂 The space was arranged splendidly, the light was coming from every side thanks to the place being fully-glazed which, in connection with the white colour of the interior and the mint additions, made the place look bright and lively but at the same time accentuated the solemnity of the moment.
The reception: The band played pleasant music which enhanced the wonderful atmosphere. We had great fun and the party went on until the early morning. 🙂
Thank you for letting us take part in those special moments and we wish you a lot of happiness.

We are glad that our video complements the whole event – take a look! 🙂


feature lovely moments



from our couples:


I heartily recommend! That's what a wedding dream reportage should look like! A great souvenir for a lifetime :)

- Dominika & Darek

Dominika and Darek prepared their wedding in just a few months; however, it was buttoned up in every detail – the theme of mint and grains was dominant in both the reception room and in the way the Bride and Groom were dressed. The preparations were made among friends and with tons of smiles, and our Young couple took it all quite easy 🙂 Dominika, who is a designed, prepared her wedding image thoroughly – the results could be seen in a beautiful, subtle dress and mint accessories. Personally, we were enchanted by her necklace and disarmed by Darek’s mint socks 🙂

Dominika, Darek– once again we wish you all the best! 🙂